Course of Construction

Our master policy protects your home while under construction against Builders Risk Broad Form perils including Fire, Lightning, Windstorm, Smoke, Water Damage, Vandalism, Glass Breakage and Theft of Building Materials. If you are building your primary residence we may be able to offer a special homeowner's package which allows course of construction. Contact us for details.

Coverage for Earthquake Damage and Flood can be included for a small additional cost. Liability insurance is also available to protect you against any third party injury or property damage arising from the construction of the home by either yourself or the contractors.

The coverage can be purchased for a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 12. Extensions are available if you take a shorter term than 12 months and a delay occurs.

The cost is dependent on the presence or absence of fire protection, whether owner or General Contractor built, the completed value of the home, the coverage selected and length of time for completion of construction.

IMPORTANT: Coverage should be placed as soon as you start working on the property, regardless of whether the foundation or framing has started, due to the liability exposure.

EXAMPLE: Property owners had several trees removed ahead of commencing construction and obtaining insurance. Some of the trees were on neighbouring property so the owners were responsible for repaying the neighbour several thousand dollars for the value of the trees that they had removed in error.

Upon completion and occupancy of your new home, we'd be happy to provide a quotation for residential coverage to suit your needs.