Collector, Antique & Custom Vehicles

Talbot Insurance Services represents Hagarty Insurance in providing speciality coverage for Classic, Collector, Antique and Custom Vehicle insurance.

Hagerty is the global leader in classic car insurance and provides a better product at a competitive price to meet your insurance needs.

Agreed Value

While most cars depreciate, classic cars maintain or go up in value. With Hagerty's Agreed Value policy you can insure your vehicles for what they're actually worth at the time of agreed upon value, inclusive of applicable sales taxes in the province in which the policy coverage applies. Vehicles under $100,000 in value may not require an appraisal.

Expert Claims Handling

Adjusters receive hands on training in classic car repair, and even have a parts specialist on staff to find stock original or rare replacement parts.

Key Extras

Three Level Emergency Roadside Assistance for all vehicles owned by policy holder, Hagerty Classic Car Magazine, Classic Car Valuation Tools and Concierge Service formulated especially for classic cars and classic car owners.

If you own an antique, collector, classic or special interest vehicle contact us to speak to our specialist in this area.