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Provincial health insurance only covers you for what it would cost here in BC when you are travelling out of the province; so you need Excess Travel Medical coverage for anything over and above that. Each province is different in what they charge for their medical services. This means a medical emergency or sudden illness when you’re travelling could ruin your trip. Worse, without proper coverage the medical expenses could financially ruin YOU. And consider this, without adequate medical coverage, many hospitals won’t even admit patients. If they do, the costs can be astronomical. One hour in an Emergency Room can cost as much as $10,000 in the United States. Major surgery and extended intensive care could leave you penniless.

Key Benefits:

$10 million dollars coverage

In the event of a medical emergency, your coverage includes:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Hospital and Doctor’s visits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Ambulance
  • Transportation of a family member to your hospital bedside
  • Approved emergency air evacuation
  • The return of your vehicle if illness prevents you driving it home
  • 24 hour toll-free emergency assistance
  • Direct payment to hospitals whenever possible; paperwork is coordinated for you
  • Freedom of choice of health care provider
  • Fair and speedy claims settlement
  • and much, much more…check your policy wording for full details

The cost and coverage depends on your age, where you are travelling and the duration of your trip. There are also annual policies for those that take frequent trips out of the Province.

Be sure to contact us before you leave on a trip and enquire about:

  • Excess Hospital/Medical Coverage
  • Trip Interruption & Cancellation*
  • Baggage Insurance