Special Events

If you organize an event, either for profit or not, and you utilize the property of others, such as your city, town or regional district, or a provincial park, you may be required to take out special insurance to protect you and/or your group for the period of time you are holding the event. It is usually common, also, for the property owner to require their own name to be included on your Special Events policy for the time you are holding your event.

The cost of this short term coverage will depend on the type of event you are holding (high risk or low risk), the presence or absence of serving alcohol and the duration of the event. Premiums usually start at minimum $125 for a certificate of insurance (compared to minimum $500 to $750 for a business policy). Talbot Insurance can obtain many Special Events policies online. Some more complicated ones may need an application, which we can assist with, and completion of the application will be required 3 to 5 days prior to event.