Financing & Special Limits

Financing Insurance Premiums:

Our carriers offer the following payment plans for your annual insurance premium:

  • 40/30/30

Pay 40% of the annual premium down and 30% each at second and third month OR third and sixth month, depending on the carrier used. The interest charge is 3% of the annual premium divided between the installments.

Monthly Bank Payment:

Pay directly out of your bank account by automatic monthly withdrawal. Two months premium are required as a down payment and then your automatic withdrawals start the following month. A 3% interest charge is included, spread throughout the year.

Credit Cards:

Our carriers allow you to make your payment by Visa or Mastercard.

Special Limits of Insurance:

Many “target” or “specialty” types of items carry special limits of insurance. These limits were designed to afford enough coverage for the average policyholder. If you require more coverage in limit than what your policy affords, you can usually purchase increased limits or listed “floaters” to address this. Generally, the value of the limits vary between carriers and product packages, however, listed below are the most common items involved:

  • Jewelry and Furs
  • Business Property
  • Coin Collections
  • Stamp Collections
  • Money
  • Watercraft (boats)
  • Bicycles
  • Theft From Vehicle
  • Computer Software
  • Student Property
  • Securities
  • Outdoor Trees/Plants/Shrubs
  • Garden Tractors
  • Mass Evacuation

The following discounts may be available against your package premium:

  • Claims Free Discount
  • Mature/Senior Discount
  • Increased Deductible
  • Long Term Policyholder
  • Burglary/Fire Alarm
  • Fire Resistive Rated (Tenant Pkg)
  • Mortgage Free